Pass off old webinars as brand new

Check out this blog post to see how you can repurpose old webinars to make them look and feel brand new!

Have you’ve done this in the past? Has it worked well for you? Share your insights!


We haven’t, but we have a whole pool of content that I think is ripe for this sort of treatment. (On business building and industry best practices.)

We have repurposed old webinars when it was appropriate. Often times we can’t because the content is outdated quickly.

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Most of our webinars are about some type of technology and usually get outdated pretty quickly, but we’ve adapted formats and methods from past ones that worked well over time.

We haven’t, but are in the process of combing through 3+ years of content and identifying ways to enhance (or retire if needed) so this was a great read.

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It really depends on the content - is it technology that still valid? Thought-leader webinars work well in replay. I have also taking longer webinars and have broken them into chapters and then created a series of shorter, snackable webinars. This has worked well.

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Works especially well for sales topics that have new listeners each time.

We haven’t yet but we are building some models to try.

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We have and have advertised them as on demand.

With the simu-live and on-demand functionalities, we have been using old material as new a couple of times yes. And we love it! :slight_smile:

We have repurposed old webinar content to make it brand new by re-titling events, updating decks, and running them as new sessions.

We do this often. Especially at the middle and end of the year when we want to build series of webinars.

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We have definitely re-purposed old webinars and tweak it to better suit our European or Asian markets (we’re in the US). Overall it has worked really well for us as we don’t have to completely re-invent the whole webinar content

We don’t pass off as new but we try to record things knowing that we will library them and re-purpose them down the line.

I would not pass it on as new but a popular replay.

Appreciate the authenticity of this approach. We build off of this approach and try to record content in vignettes, allows us to pull apart content and integrate into future webcasts.